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Everything is energy, it is up to us to attune to these energies. That’s why everybody is able to be a medium and read an other person, object or even a beloved one who passed away and is already in the Spritual world. 

Using your abilities will empower your confidence and trusting yourself.

Wilma and Maria will take you by the hand, to learn step by step the principles of Modern mediumship.
Of course there will be a nice set of exercises, to practice your skills.

There is a possibilty to stay the night over. Lunch, dinner and breakfast are also availlable.  When you arrive by car, there is free parking at the site.

Start 21 May 2022 at 10:30 ( arrival time between 9:00 and 10:15)

End workshop 22 May at around 17:00.


Workshop 130,00 euro per person including, water, snacks, tea or coffee.

Extra if you like:

Vegan lunch, dinner and breakfast: 15 euro p.p.

Night: 15 euro p.p.

Personal reading 30 minutes: 30 euro p.p.

More information

Please send an email for further information  or to register yourself to: